Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Study help from the internet

School is indeed your first place and the main place to learn about subjects. However nowadays, school is not the only place where students can learn about something. There are so many students who go to the internet to open some website like What kind of website is this and why do students like to open this kind of website? In this article we are going to find and answer those questions through this short and little article.
So, the website that I have mentioned before is a kind of website where students can learn more about the subjects that they have learned in school. The website is used to learn about something that they do not understand from the subject. More or less, this kind of website is like students’ personal advisor in their study.
There are so many things that this kind of website can do to the students. For example, if the students do not understand about the subject that the school taught, they will be able to ask for some more explanation from the website so that they can understand more about the subject. So, what do you think about this kind of website? Is it Useful?


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